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Thank you for choosing Queenie & Co. to sell your items!

Here is how the consignment process works:

When you bring in your items to put on consignment we will select the in season pieces we can sell based on our customers’ taste preferences. There may be items that we deem un-sellable, and those will be returned to you the same day. Once items sell you may request payment or use the funds as in-store credit. Due to the nature of consignments, our policies are always changing. It is your responsibility to keep yourself informed of these changes.

Here are some requirements and rules to follow when you’re ready to bring in some items.

  • We require an annual fee of $10 per consignor which is due at initial consignment.
  • We require that all items brought in for consignment are in excellent, near new or new condition. All items requiring batteries must be in working order. We only accept items that are in season and in style.
  • Clothing must be freshly laundered. We prefer them on hangers and wrinkle free, but will consider items that are folded in a container with a lid that closes. We do not accept items in cardboard boxes or plastic bags. We will return hangers and containers to you.
  • We will consider jewelry, handbags, belts, hats, scarves and footwear.
  • Please inspect your items carefully before bringing them in for consignment. We will not consider items that are missing buttons or zippers, broken, stained, torn, inside out or covered in pet hair. If damage is discovered after accepting an item it will be discarded without notice to the consignor.
  • We do not accept sleepwear, under garments, swim suits, event and vacation t-shirts, sneakers, tennis shoes or casual footwear, or technical outerwear or loungewear.
  • We do not accept outdated styles of anything.
  • Once items sell you can choose to use the funds as in-store credit or request a check or cash (when available). If you would like to use in-store credit, you will receive 50% of sales, excluding taxes, to use towards purchases. You will receive 40% of sales, excluding taxes, for check/cash amounts.
  • Queenie & Co. will attempt to sell your items until the expiration date, which will change depending on when your items are brought in for consignment. Items that have not sold by the expiration date will become property of Queenie & Co. and may be donated to charity. If you would like any items back that have not sold by the expiration date, call on that date and we will pull them for you to pick up.

Feel free to call or email us with any further questions 307.732.0017


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